Northumberland Paramedics launches full-scale operations for home-based care program for seniors

October 13, 2022 – Northumberland County Deputy Warden Mandy Martin was joined by MPP David Piccini, Northumberland Paramedics Chief Susan Brown, and community member Bruce Gilley to celebrate the official launch of full-scale operations for the Community Paramedicine for Long-Term Care program.

This program offers innovative home-based care to eligible seniors throughout the county, including:

· 24-7 access to in-home and remote health services;

· non-emergency home visits;

· in-home testing procedures, such as blood pressure readings, 12-lead electrocardiograms (ECGs), oxygen saturation tests, blood draws, blood glucose readings, weight measurements, and more testing procedures to come;

· ongoing monitoring of vital signs for chronic medical conditions; and,

· assessments, referrals, diagnostic procedures and point-of-care testing.

These preventative care services are available to seniors who live in Northumberland County that are either on the waitlist for long-term care, have been assessed as eligible for long-term care but are not yet on a waitlist, or are soon to be eligible for long-term care.

The program is delivered by a team of dedicated certified paramedics who have completed an additional 100 hours of specialized training in areas such as geriatrics, comorbidities, lab work, point-of-care testing, medication interactions, mental health, palliative care and blood draws.

In February 2022, the Province announced $7.5 million in one-time funding to support the Community Paramedicine for Long-Term Care program until March 2024. The program launched initial services in May and has been progressively expanding intake.

The program has now reached full-scale operations and Northumberland Paramedics are inviting community members who would like to refer themselves or someone they care for (a family member, neighbour, friend, etc.) to the program to call client services at 1-833-718-1942 or complete the referral form on our website at

Health care partners can also refer their patients to the program using the OCEAN eReferral System or by fax at 905-373-8567.