New School Petition

Our community is growing, and families aren’t willing to send their kids to a school on a highway.

Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board currently owns land in Newcastle that can accommodate a K-12 build, replacing both Clarke H.S. & The Pines (Senior Public). For context, Newcastle Elementary has 11 portables on site and recently moved Gr 6 to the Pines to alleviate pressures. We are staring down a tsunami of growth and elementary students that need a place to go. This, coupled with expected 120% utilization at Bowmanville H.S. exacerbate the urgency of the situation.  

Simply put, the status quo at Clarke HS and the Pines does not work, putting the safety of our youth in jeopardy and needs to be fixed.

That is why KPRDSB is seeking funding for a new school to serve 1,400 students. The proposed JK-12 school has been sized to accommodate the consolidation of two aging schools. Further, the school will accommodate the ongoing and significant development occurring with the Newcastle area of Municipality of Clarington.

Sign my petition today, lets bring a new school to Newcastle.

To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario: Petition For New School In Newcastle

WHEREAS: Newcastle Public School is currently over capacity at 109% and The Pines Senior Public school is at 116%. Over 240 students are being bussed to Bowmanville from Newcastle.

WHEREAS: The Current growth figures presented by KPRDSB show that school age residents will grow by 645 in the next 5-10 years.

WHEREAS: The Pines and Clark high school are located directly adjacent to Highway 115. The only school in Ontario reported right next to a 4-lane highway.

WHEREAS: The Board, trustees, MPP Piccini and broader community are working jointly to seek funding for a new school.

WHEREAS: We are putting forward a compelling solution that addresses long standing community concerns for the safety of students attending school on a provincially staged freeway by

WHEREAS: Resubmitting the Capital Priorities Program Business Case proposed by KPRDSB to seek funding for a new school that will serve 1,400 students from JK-12 and help a accommodate the growing population of Newcastle.

WHEREAS: Funding for construction of this school will be offset by disposition of from the disposal of Clarke High School and The pines Senior Public School.

WHEREAS: Land that has already been purchased and served by KPRDSB for construction of new school.



That the Ministry of Education prioritize and collaborate with the applicant in order to expedite the review and approve the construction for the desperately needed new School in Newcastle